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Inspectah Deck

"Sub Crazy"

[Method Man]
Aight? Check it out (f*ck DAT!)
Word, n*ggas smoke too f*ckin' much man
(Check it out y'all, check it check it out)

We can all get by if we want now
Get a fat piece of the pie if we want
Motherf*ckers gettin' mad high when they want now
I will survive, recognize it be Tical

[Verse One]
What up, ock? n*ggas is strapped, ready for war
On the ill block, things just ain't peace no more
f*ck it - if you ain't with me then forget me
n*ggas tried to stick me, retaliation, no hesitation shifty (b*tch)
Creepin' n*ggas in the dark, triggers with no heart
Rippin' ass apart, I be swimmin' with the sharks now (yeah)
Stay out my water or it's manslaughter
Kid, you oughta start reachin' for that nickle-plated auto-
Matic (f'real) my thoughts get sporadic (uh)
Loaded raps bustin' mad shots to ya attic (woo!)
They say this hazardous flow's a hazard
Straight from Hazzard County with a bounty on his head
And it said: "Wanted Dead or Alive"
I swear by the whites of they eyes
To never take a dive I will survive


[Method Man]
Eeep opp, epp awpp, baaaaaaa
Here we go, start

[Verse Two]
sh*t's gonna happen if n*ggas start actin'
Like they want problems. You want 'em? You got 'em
Rap contact, is writin' this exact-
Ly, the way it should, be, attack
Killer Beeeees on the swarm
Alaikum as-salaam, drops bombs like Qur'an
The ism helps to stimulate my pugilism
I bust rhymes like jism
Impregnate the rhythm with the wisdom
Decipher, the stee, I be hyper
I dwindle the style, that rekindle like old flamesss
Sssssssaliva, check the wicked flows I delyvah
Oops, I mean delivers like the Hudson River
Styles be trite, trife like a thief in the night
I be that sneaky-ass n*gga bustin' nuts in yo wife
Blasted, buggin' off Bacardi and acid
Flippin' on the mic, it's a classic

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