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Jus Allah


[Verse 1: Crypt The Warchild]
Yo, skinny top brown skin with an apple bottom
Glued to my ears, my homies say she’s a problem
Showing up backstage with her top off
Gangster b*tch always there when it pop off
Very superior, at times she’s sophisticated
And I admit she played tricks and I used to hate it
Spending my last at the bar when we shut it down
Lovesick, intoxicated when I put her down
She only cater to me, she my private dancer
When my n*ggas ain’t around she always got the answers
I’m a traveling man, we make traveling plans
I drink away my pain, she understands
So when she’s gone I can’t deal with the withdrawal
Vision blurry, 3D in this pitfall
Get the shakes, palms sweaty, it’s too intense
I gotta follow, sipping hollow it all makes sense

Oh oh I love you so
Oh oh I won’t let go
Oh oh you look so good
Oh oh like I thought you would

[Verse 2: Planetary]
I remember when I met her, man
Trying not to sweat a fan
I’d rather have a one night stand, send a telegram
But I’m at the age now, give her whole days now
Spend my last dime on her every time I stay out
Never seem played out, every time’s the first time
Everything, everything, everybody flirt with mine
But I take it as a compliment, kinda bent
More of her in my life to keep a n*gga confident
I gotta admit, I’m crazy for the taste of her caramel skin
And I got ends to waste on her
And she’s more like a habit I can’t kick
When I wanna call it quits she back on my list
She call me quick when she feel alone
And I'm the type to take it all put me in the zone
My n*ggas call me on the phone, "Plan what’s hood?"
I see Henny over here and that b*tch looking so good


Every night I’m going to write a story
Every night I’m gonna sing a song

[Crypt The Warchild]
This is outta hand, I think I need to see a rehab
I haven’t seen her in a week I think that she mad

She hasn’t called, got me settling for less
Got me thinking it’s over for good, sitting here stressed

I take twelve steps, my road to recovery
And she be everywhere but she don’t wanna f*ck with me

Nothing I’m doing is wrong, maybe that’s denial
Either way I need a fix, b*tch cramping my style

I feel a relapse coming plan I need a drink
Nothing strong, later on maybe we could link

I gotta think my n*gga, I’m overdoing it lately
It’s been crazy on the real I think I’m through with it

She got me losing it and I ain’t used to it
You wanna ride out or is you on some stupid sh*t?

Nah f*ck it let’s get it in and crack the bottle
By the bar, buy it all, we’ll be back tomorrow


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