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Jus Allah

"Heavy Artillery"

(Hook) Samples

(Intro) Paz
Yeah, word is bond
Louie Dogs, Gumar-Oz-Dubar, Jus Allah
Jedi Mind, DJ Kwestion, whattup Stoupe

[Vinnie Paz]
Yo I'm quite calm, write my greatest sh*t when the light gon'
My hands fast, like Ramadan when the knife drawn
I'm the physical of a tsunami, you a slight storm
This is a spiritual anomaly, a fight song
To guard you now directly in my right palm
Nothing new about it, keep the ratchet with me lifelong
I come through polar caps melt ice gon'
My mother crying to my brother why his life's wrong
Concrete God's school - Allahu Akbar!
The crooked D's in front of the crib inside a parked car
Gumar-Oz-Dubar inside the shot bar
Darts fly at you and severe you like its a sharp star
If we ain't living in hell I'm telling you its hot, bar
Masonic manifestation of God is not far
In reality the sun is just a hot star
The Earth is just a bowl of sh*t that's where I stomp on

(Hook) Samples 2x
"His blood spill fo'real"
"Heavy artillery in my facility"
"Better call security, it's bout to be on"
"Your whole team is getting blown to smithereens"

[Jus Allah]
I am cyber, I'm a hundred miles of fiber
I am the proprietor of fire, I do not perspire
I fire as I so desire, I'm as dry as a fire and dire
I have tried impossible, I have gotten lightning in a bottle
My logic is not inside a novel
I am unconventional, incomprehensible, it's intentional
It's in general, it's in principle
Undesensitized to the cries
Blind eyes to demise
I'm despised by the skies
Likewise, I am sand and stone
I stand alone
I'm a candle blown, I have hands of bone
I am smart and old, I am dark and cold
I have a pawn shop of parts, I have a heart of gold
I'm a heartless soul, is my heart bestowed?
Death for all, let the closest star explode

(Hook) Samples 2x

(Outro) Vinnie Paz
Osama Vin Laden
The God Jus Allah, Yo Kwestion where you at baby?
Frank Sinatra, Enemy of Mankind, whadup cuzo?

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