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Jus Allah


[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
Y'all motherf*ckers woke a demon up
The bullets splatter through your spleen and guts
The whole clique duckin they PO
They need to pee in cups
We murder sh*t like everything the Europeans touch
I dont even talk to motherf*ckers, that could lead to trust
We on our din, devils only deal with greed and lust
Beat an elephant with bare hands and take his bleeding tusks
Anytime you hear a cop was murdered best believe its us
Jus Allah load the Glock put em in the weeds and dust
I ain't I sucka I was born with hercules in us
Strangle snakes, dangle grapes fed by European sl*ts
Yall know where to come to when you need the f*ckin trees and dust
Ayo D?? I need by ?? these f*cks
I got the power to devour trees , seas and such
I got the power thats the caliber of jesus touch
It dont matter the caliber I proceed to rush
Vinny on a whole nother algebra than the Greeks could touch

[Verse 2: Demoz]
Let me tell you a little something bout a n*gga named Moz
Look in his eye you could see the evil if you high
You could notice a little n*gga that's eager for the sky
Behind bars scarred like jesus when he died (when he died)
n*gga I was in the hole for a whole 6 months getting high off the reefer thinking why
Im with the roachs and rats hopeless and ?? line and line and the hole in the crack
n*gga I was in the hole trying getting my back, n*ggas snitching and CEO tried getting my bag
But I dont give a f*ck about a snake or a fag a hater id rather see Adolph paid off, laugh
This is real life f*ck getting paid off rats And selling my soul to the devil getting paid off rapping Mozerade, Maz , Pazienza clap boys ?? back man you still screaming duffle bag boys

[Verse 3: Jus Allah]
I have lived a century, I've tapped into my 6th sensory
I am a potential enemy
My entire inner chemistry, every inch of me, is divinity
Unequivically supremacy
I have undesired energy
Sins friendly since empty
Show the prince of peace no clemency
Give him an extremity of insensitivity
Let his kin and ministry witness his disassembly
I just love sufference, I'm destructive, unproductive
Tussid, not much substance, thuggage
Above judgement, unaware of any error of doubt
Where it counts, I'm a fair amount of paramount
I embody a monopoly of ungodly
The hobby robbed me of my common camaraderie
My apology, arid, insincerity
Charity, very generic, it's hilarity

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