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Jus Allah

"Guns Theme"

[Verse One] [King Magnetic]:
My hammer berserk
Cannon does damage and work
Turns beef into Amber alerts
.45acp, lifts souls, A.C.G.s
Takes more shots than Stacey Lee
No photography
Probably provoking you to body me
Robbery of bodily control, sodomy
The barrel hot as me
We Tabasco
Clip holds a dozen like shells from El Paso

[Celph Titled]:
Not just rap though I let the burner flame 'em
Cause buddy I hold the eagle down like I'm a bird trainer
In one word, I'll maim ya
The verse will disintegrate ya, wait till you hear the remainder
A whole lot of rappers, kicking malarkey raps
So I'm drilling through your village with my killers
Wearing party hats giving out heart attacks
Soap sc*m bubble bath
Dark clouds follow me so I don't need to hide my muzzle flash

[Rustee Juxx]:
Yo, one shot, one kill, two bodies
Four barrels smoking, two shotties
Do the math while I'm fleeing the crime scene
187, 211 the rhyme theme
Rustee Juxx
My name hold weight
My back don't fold and my knees won't break
Supreme judge wanna send me upstate
Cause MCs got murdered and the track got raped

[Celph Titled]:
Y'all can call me Celph Boyardee
A monster man cause when my Glock go bang it'll leave you with a pasta stain
Got soldiers like the S1W
Shotgun bust at you
Burst shots in your bubble goose
These rappers say they ill, Which one?
I'm O.G. Ralph Macchio, you're Hilary Swank or Will Smith's son
I am rap perfection
Infect your whole staff with a staff infection
Wrapped in bag's at the baggage check in

[King Magnetic]:
I carry on like a personal bag
Leave your gun
And shawty still bursting the mag
Do a juxx with Celph
I ain't stressing the bail
Y'all fresh to death I'm fresh outta jail
With the pressure to feel
Same spot as a should shot
G without 19, that's an older Glock
I'm preying/praying on victim's like I knelt down
So work on my nerves, the only way they felt now

[Rustee Juxx]:
Microphone meltdown, heavyweight belt round the waist
Hot slugs in your face
Bite the bullet, swallow the whole clip
It's made of silver, I hollowed the whole tip
You can get your picture on the 10 O'clock news
Or worldstarhiphop with 10 million views
I'll be at large smoking pounds of black
Waiting for the payback
100 rounds of clack n*gga

[DJ Revolution scratching his ass off]:
"We're handling guns" - Prodigy
"Fire off many a round" - Mobb Deep 'Rare Species'
"We're handling guns" - Prodigy
"Pull out the gat, push your wig back" - 50 Cent 'Rowdy Rowdy'
"We're handling guns" - Prodigy
"Ruckus bringers packing bangers" - M.O.P. 'Stik 2 Ya Gunz'
"We're handling guns" - Prodigy
"Blazin', mad shots, rapid fire" - M.O.P. 'Stik 2 Ya Gunz'

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