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Jus Allah

"The Legend Of Mr. T"

Yeah. This is Mr. T. Snowgoons. Reef The Lost Cauze

[Verse One]:
Yeah, I'm Mr. T, n*gga flee when that snub will bang
The rap Clubber Lang, spittin' with bloody fangs
n*ggas rap for b*tches and money, fame
I rap for sanity and to avenge my brother's name
Diego Montoya
Big black slave on a river boat with Tom Sawyer
Tell the cops to suck a di*k and call my lawyer
I'll destroy ya before I ignore ya
They call me, The Ultimate Warrior
More beef than an Amish market
The Cauze supremely to the government I'm a target
My mind sprays, my nine sprays like time stays
Faster than a move and some pie made
You get me
Listen to every word that I say
It's Philly, the city of gods where I stay
I'm not gay
So I don't listen to Lil' B
You kidding me
I'm old and crazy n*gga, Mr. T

[Mr. T talking]:
I ain't gettin' on that plane Hannibal. With that crazy fool Murdock. If he's flyin', we dyin'. I'll take my fist and put my initials on your brain. When I see that sucka, I'm gonna do more than punch him in the nose. I'm gonna break his neck. Why you gotta jibber jabber all the time? I'm gonna damage this sucka with fists fool

[Verse Two]:
B.A. Baracus with the chopper, a vicious rep
No mohawk, gold chains and denim vests
Just a bad man, always p*ssed off
With a temper shorter than pit bosses, big Cauze
Hoppin' out the Hum-V, bumpin' Bun B, I'm dumb tree
Make wannabes collapse like bum knee my son needs
Pamper and undies
So come see if this old man won't whip you young creeps right down on front street
Make more classics in one week
My own father couldn't son Reef, spit that top of the sun heat
Gun blacker than Sonsee, make sun freeze water
Like the instrumental to Come Clean
I'm unseen, under the bridge with nothin' but cigs
Not that kind you smoke, the sh*t that sit in your ribs
The kids bump Lil' B
I can't take y'all seriously
I'm old and crazy, Mr. T

[Mr. T talking]:
I pity the fool. This is a 10-0 B.A. scale. Ten being total pain. Remember kids, always eat my cereal. Also, treat your mother right. Yeah, Snowgoons! Reef The Lost Cauze. Mr. T. Yeah, I pity the fool. Sucka. I ain't gettin' on no plane. Snowgoons, I ain't gettin' to Germany. All the way from Philly? That's crazy talk. I'mma damage all these suckers. Better shut up fool. I'm tired of this jibber jabber. Always jibber jabbin' me all the time. I'mma punch you in the face

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