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Richie Rich


Eli D'Vinci

(Intro) Cocaine for the Pain
Something Ridiculous, Sound so Vicious
Ask him about his life story, Maybe he'll tell you, Maybe he won't

(Verse 1) Trynna turn this Acura to a Aston Martin
You can ask Martin 'n Gina, if they ever seen a beema' get hit by Katrina, you could probably ask tina
Cause she took so many hits that a woman don't needa. .
See on a reg basis, Send a text in all up case, To show the emotion, While sipping on potion & smoking some potent
These girls think they important
Think they pu**y is imported, that'll get you exported, soon as nuts have departed
(From my D*ck)
Just something for ya mental
Cavity filled b*tches here willing to give that dental
Beat a p*ssy bloody, make it look like its on it's menstrual
& these n*ggas feel accomplished cause they riding in a rental
(We about to get this foreign right quick, right after we scam this card right quick b, Ya feel me)
All these little b*tches always b*tching on the internet
Talking about they problems and the n*ggas who ain't hit em yet
Gassing em leaving comments like
(Whats good with that booty hole girl? You know I want the ass! Let me put my finger in it. Now let me lick the finger!)
Dry ass n*ggas that'll never ever get they d*ck wet
Corny in person so hope for love on the internet
That real is insane, That really is a ashamed
But people started hating him cause what he was saying was true. .

(Hook) Something Ridiculous, Sound so Vicious
Ask him about his life story, Maybe he'll tell you, Maybe he won't

Verse 2) The flow is dexterous, while my hands are ambidextrous
When it comes to writing songs with open palms and picking broads & these
Girls is popping molly, smoking on wasabi
Funny that they know they about to f*ck, nothing more but a hobby
They told her not to overdose
Now she giving over dome
Now she got a mouth full chromosomes
Wholesome girls turn to hoes after seeing o's
Once they see that paper fold
Now they stripping head to toe
Went from drinking to smoking, to smoking and drinking
To overthinking about how I could've made my life different
Maybe if I wasn't so distant I wouldn't feel so indifferent
Maybe if I were more ignant', I woulda' blamed my pigment
Or is it just a figment? Of my imagination
She'll come through to avoid resorting to masturbation
Like sexual medication, Her koon deserves meditation
But you know, I still don't need her
Sex convo straight onomatopoeia
(Oh sh*t that pus*y good)
It gives me a smile for a while
Till I toss her the towel, telling her its time to go now, She want someone to hold now
I want someone to hold down
Im losing control now
(I don't even know, Might as well end it right now, I mean I got the gun aimed at the head already, Fully loaded
f*ck the pressure, f*ck it)
Something Ridiculous, Sound so Vicious (x2)


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