"Watch Yo Mowf"

[Verse: Deacon The Villain]
Deacon The Vill', rhyme skill so devilish
Wrecking your spot so ill, plus the cleverest
Negro chill, or end up the most dead in this
When it's time to knuckle up you better stop smoking that Everest
You know Deac, he does it right
So dope he makes crack fiends give up the pipe
If you wanna battle better get yo' stuff tight
Cause you might get crushed or f**ked up tonight
I'm too smooth
Refer to me as the black Ravishing Rick Rude
One slick dude
If your mom thinks y'all some Goodies like big Gipp's crew
You be better off swimming in brick shoes
It's the return of...
(n***a it's your first time in here!)
Represent the south, there's nothing but pimps there
That's the Villain, you ain't treating him fair
He'll split you into two pieces like bikini swim wear

[Hook: Deacon]
He's so nice
Y'all motherf**kers better treat him right
Better yet, better watch your mouth
Don't y'all n***as sleep on the south

[Verse Two: Deacon]
I'm a pimp
Ain't got no limp to go with it
Sick of fake ballers, prepaid cells with no minutes
Mobbing with a pack of black hydro scented doing ghetto sh*t
Like putting low lows on a rented
My flow is that southerplayalistik
I'm a grown ass man dawg
Got your women calling me "delicious"
Ain't got the hoes, the clothes or the folds of money
I keep wax in my ears and my nose is runny
I like to...keep sh*t funny
When I get drunk, there's something in my pants that I'll prolly show your honey
(With my negro) Sunny at black beach acting a damn fool
Spitting that bamboo
Slide up the fam you
Holla at some chickens prolly hotter than Cancun
Come back, crotch itchy, hit the clinic for shampoo
I'm past grimy, slimy, salty
I'm past hot like fall be
The villain is what they call me


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