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R. Kelly

"Same Girl Remix"

This is the remix
Kells Ush & T
Flossing hard off in the club
We're about to triple up

[Verse 1: T-Pain]
Hi my name is Teddy
Unfortunately you all don't know me
But I couldn't help but over hear what you all was saying about te-te
See I, I know her too
Obviously so do you
So I'm gonna get in this conversation too
Do she got a crib?
[R. Kelly]
By the waffle house
[R. Kelly]
Did she show you that thing that she be doing with her mouth?
[R. Kelly]
She know how to c*ck them legs back
The greatest sex in your life
[R. Kelly]
Yeah I know cause she's my wife
Wait a minute hold on dog
n*gga ain't no hold on back up
You all n*ggas gonna make me act up
I'm out here busting my ass for her
And you all out here tearing her back up
And you just can't tell me that you didn't see that ring on her finger
I'm even tryna help her be a singer
That's why she was at that party in Atlanta
When I told her ass not to go out to Chicago
While I'm out here doing my thing in Tallahassee
You all out here treating my wife like a straight ho
I can't believe this b*tch
I can't believe this sh*t
Everything I ever did for her I'm taking it back, I'm so through with it
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
I took time out of my life to have these n*ggas f*ck my wife and then call her...

Same Girl [4x] T-Pain & Kells Kells
The Remix Same Girl T-Pain & Kells

[Verse 2]
Hold up hold up hold up hold up Wait a minute wait a minute
Just wait one got dog on minute
You can't do the remix without putting some "R'er" in it
Cause I hit it first square business
At the Ritz in the Chi square business
It's the king of the flirt square business
n*gga I ain't gotta lie square business
She's my shawty my tenderonni
My booty call when I'm horny
I am Bobby this is Whitney when we getting high
Spent that money played that game
Got good brains she made it rain
She's my limp and I'm her pain
You're sure we talking about the same
She she call me big old head
And I call her bobble head
The way she wiggle it when I'm hitting it from the back up in my bed
And the way she be screaming my name
And the way she be giving me brain, and when it's all over
She say...
Kelly you got the game
So back up T or it's gonna cause you some pain
Man I wish you would call her the same


Now can I flip can I flip
You can flip it [2x]
Snap ya fingers [4x]

[Verse 3]
Yeah... yeah y'all yeah... I like this
If you're in the club let me see you two stepping right now
Come on put your stunners on
Gonna two step [repeat]
We 'bout to take over the radio right now y'all
Just step back, we got T-Pain in here
We got Usher in here
We got Kells in here
We got all the ballers, the ladies
Y'know what I'm sayin'
C'mon y'all sing this part with me:
I'm in the club with a drink in my hand
Stunting hard looking like about a hundred grand
Ready to spend it all
So shawty take it off
Just call the club a gym cause a n*gga ready to ball
Think I'll buy the bar
Leave with her in my car
Hit it with my stunners on like a rock star
I know you all think I'm crazy
Kells gonna wild B-I-ITCH
This is just a freestyle
Whoa... yeah
You all sound so beautiful now usually I don't do this but uhhh
I'm gonna go ahead and do it
C'mon and snap your fingers with me Michael Jackson style
"Snap your fingers do your step you can do it all by yo self" [2x]

[Chorus (repeat)]
Same Girl [4x] T-Pain & Kells Kells
The Remix Same Girl T-Pain & Kells

Double up in stores right now
Double up in stores right now
So go get the album
The sh*t is off the chain
And you all know your boy ain't playing no games

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