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​j. amasula


Everything is blue-green
Everything is blue-green
They don't know what I mean
I'm just behind the scenes
Everything is blue-green
Everything is blue-green
Seafoam and that grass on that blue path
It's all blue-green, it's all blue-green
Everything is blue-green

[Verse 1]
Blue as the sea that I came from, blue as my mood
When I'm talking to you, all of the colors reflect back as blue
Green as your envy, in all of your sentences
You acting all trendy, can't say that's the move
Blue as the water my father was raised to swim in
He had a sway with women, he lost his way as a Christian
What I wanted to say can't be written
Awfully blue as the moon, green flashing all in my room
All of 'em just want the juice, I want something I could prove
I don't take L's no more 'cause I don't even try
Pretty as meadows that float in the sky
Memories and people keep passing me by
I'm in the same spot here just wasting my time
So I'm kinda blue, and you would be too
If you knew what I mean, when I shoot for the green

[Verse 2]
Thinking back to when I was eight years old
I would never fold, I was never cold
When I'd get sick, Lola's soup hit me different
It still hits me different but these days I'm different
These days I'm Christian when my hope goes missing
These days I'm truthfully active at wishing
It's all superficial now, I'm in my head
So whenever He speaks to me, I barely listen

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