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Nick Cannon

"Romeoland (Skit)"

Welcome to Romeoland
Well,is it true?
Well,is what true?
That Romeo is really back
Where did you hear that nonsense?
Well, fantasia told me on this exact day that Romeo
Wiil return and rule this land once again
You are crazy listen to little faries, that is the biggest
Lie sinse santa clause
Mommy, just listen, i think she's serious
Fantasia said thet Romeo said that he would return
Before he left us
She said he had a speech and in the speech
He said that when the trees leaves were no longer green
And the light blue skies are changing to dark blue
He will return from the sky lands
Joyce what are you staring at?
It's happening!
What's happening?
It's true!
He's back!

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