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Nick Cannon

"Genius Freestyle 024"

It’s that lil’, dirty, eastside, nappy-head phenomenon
Rumblin’, young man rumblin’
Tumblin’, twirlin’, troublin’
World got me losin’ my nerves, humblin’
‘Scuse me, sir, step out of my circumference
Pull up a chair, take off my shirt like I’m Gucci LaFlare
I’m the sh*t, n*gga; Pepé Le Pew
Grab the stick, keep the weapon secure
Have a fit, let the message be heard
Every mothaf*ckin’ word, but I heard from a little bird
There’s been a surplus, an emergence of f*ckin’ turds
It’s an emergency
Robbin’ you for your bread, it’s been a burglary
Dirty, little n*ggas, they ain’t worth the detergent
I could squeeze out of the bottle
n*gga, I came from the bottom
Shot out the top just like a rocket
Got the hops from my papa
Couple hots and that chick’ll block
Say sayonara, say sorry
Knock it out the park, J.I.D. Garciaparra
Pull up and handle it
Get off that Twitter handle
What you a man or a mannequin?
I don’t understand why you’re standin’ still
n*gga, hand it here
I was on the bedge—I was on the edge of a fantasy and abandonment
Took a couple pills out the cabinet
Fell upon my knees like I was Kaepernick
Slap a b*tch, slap a rap n*gga if he actin’ b*tch—whatever

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