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Nick Cannon

"Go Jimmy, Jimmy"

Jimmy? Jimmy who?
Neutron, Neutron, Neutron!
Verse One:
Here we go, verse one
I flip the switches in the atmosphere, With my drop-top rocket doin Mach-10
I'm a little shooting star in the makin'
Dropping neutron bombs, never fakin'
Cause I'm heading for the top, no mistakin'
And my destiny's mine for the takin'
I have to burn this whole rock cause it's like that
Just in case a black hole wanna act up
In a big-shot movie comin' up'
Take control of my life like a space ship
But I still keep it real with my parents'
No lip, won't trip while I'm on earth
When I'm in the Milky Way, it's my way
Just trust, givin' up ain't an option
Where I'm going ain't no man ever been
Light speed, like years...
I'm ahead of them!

Go Jimmy, Jimmy
That's the voice I hear inside
(Everybody let's bounce,)
Straight up, come along for the ride
Go Jimmy, Jimmy
To the rescue, through the big blue sky
(Be back before I leave,)
It's Jimmy Neutron time

Come on...

Verse Two:
No time for jittering
It's my turn at bat like Robin
Since I'm in the big leagues, no stoppin'
Like a comet on a mission, I'm movin'
Cause I'm doing my thing now
Lookin' for the big bang, do you wanna hang?
Make a decision, how are you livin'?
Don't be a quitter, I'm gonna fly
Forget about physics
Gravity ain't nothin' to me
Work can't stop me, it's just me
Hold me back? yeah right, let's see
Whatever I say, think, trust, I'll be
So let's ride out, slide out, on a sunbeam
Its's your world, universe, woo-wee!
Time ain't nothing when you've got big dreams
Split them atoms
Blow the scene

Chorus x1

Bridge 2:
Uh, do your thing, yeah do your thing
Uh, do your thing, anything goes down around here
Uh, do your thing, yeah do your thing
(What you got?)
Uh, do your thing, you know I've got to make you dance

Hook x2

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