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Naruto Shippuden

"Asuna 哀傷"

[Intro: Sword Art Online sample]
Asuna, Asuna, you can't, you can't leave
I'm sorry

[Verse 1: Mackned]
No internet, hype, betcha' I'mma still flex
How I pull up on a n***a and he lookin' so impressed?
His girl up next, but I don't want that hoe
You walkin' with an attitude, ain't walkin' with no dough
Money don't make it, but your motivation does
Yo lack o' success is enough (wow)
Squint your eyes and watch crystal breezy boomin' up
Crystals in my aura, if you strike I raise 'em up (woah)
n***as fantasizin'. and they jealous of my love
What the f**k? (huh?)
You is just another idiot I never think to trust, I'mma
Remove lust as the humans lift me up (they lift me up)
Yeah and I'm just another being, I was built from stardust, look it up

[Verse 2: Mackned]
Look we not so different, but you not so splendid
Bring it to me, invest it, she bring it to you, you spend it
I'm all on the hitlist and now my style so relentless (my style so relentless)
I'm feeling so reckless, just watch me vanish my friendships (poof)
My heart in the castle, and the key is a princess
My XP levels so high that I'm dangerous (watch out)
Saw the level ones and throwin' laughs at strangers
I'm movin' faster than players but I still dress like a skater (wow)
I don't give a f**k about nobody 'cept me (nobody 'cept me)
But I'm, everything so I'm finessing with ease (finessing with ease)
I got, moves to make and acrobatic degrees
Any day the young n***a leave a stamp on the scene
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