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Naruto Shippuden

"16 Oz"

[Verse 1: Mackned and SneakGuapo]
I be stressin', n***a I'mma need this pint to myself
Creative as hell, when I damage my health
You could call me for prices but please don't call me for help
I ain't scared of nobody, there's only fearin' myself
You see fear when I walk in, I'm keepin' stripes on my belt
I'm icy as icicles with the mind of a bicycle
I keep workin' 'till my flow is recitable
Call me a sample god, my flow is resliceable
b*t*hes repipable, her money recyclable
Skin her on the under, on the front she look wifeable
A lot of pain, but my life look likeable (ayy)
Like a book, yeah my life look rideable (yeah, okay)

[Verse 2: SneakGuapo and Mackned]
I'm in the lair for the lost, tryna' find peace
Top floor, I got a view on my city
Try a young n***a, but I let 'em pull a spark
Paranoid thoughts in the pool full of sharks
Ayy, okay
Tryna' watch me? Better watch that b*t*h
Sinner ass to me, beneath the god is where she sits
Young n***a, I'm just tryna' do me
Make her dance 'till she came, make he dance to the bang
Lost soul, still lost in my town
Came to this home, make her break the word down
Ridin' in my Chevy, old-school Caprice
Sitting off the sh*ts, tryna' let go my ego
Livin' in this world, but this world's not home
In the form of an alien god
Misfit, but they never loved me
Fell asleep at the scene, lost dreams as a kid
Jiggin' on the low, sip lean by four
Heart still gone, throw a dagger bone
n***as hate me, but I love when I'm on
Maintaining these G, in a hood full of bees
I know you feel my pain, 'cus you never loved me
Fell a victim, and my heart beatin' slow
I'm prayin' for the love 'cus that's really all I show, ayy

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