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Tony Yayo

"Bang Bang"

[Intro: 50 Cent]
Yeah. G-Unit, n*gga. 50 Cent. You heard me. Irv, homie, I can't believe you let that n*gga talk, you fat cupcake-eating motherf*cker. I f*ck you up, n*gga. f*cking punk-ass n*ggas. Don't nobody respect you, n*gga. You 'preme son, n*gga. Motherf*ckers been getting extorted since day one. It's all kind of b*tch in you. Chinese. Spanish. Black. White

[Verse 1: Tony Yayo]
I got X, meth and slabs and cocaine
So the Feds want to search us like Arabs boarding a plane
I'm in the Range switching lanes
Reminiscing on cans of sardines

[Lloyd Banks]
.. and car dreams
I'll burn an unfamiliar bun
Got a shotgun like Elmer Fudd
Gotta let off and leave you in hella blood
Mom hip to the game, two ice chips in the chain
A few nights skipped on the plane
With two white chicks getting brain

[50 Cent]
Bang bang from big heaters, hundred dollar sneakers
Two-seaters, two meters

[Lloyd Banks]
.. and a bundle of haze
It's enough to last fourteen days
Eat where they sell lobster
My eyes planning like Pharrel's partner

[Tony Yayo]
n*gga, respect me like your father when it come to drama
I put the llama to your mama and beat her like a piñata

[50 Cent]
n*gga, I've been hotter since '97
You've been begging the fifth cake like a kung-fu legend
One blue seven, what's popping, n*gga?

[Tony Yayo]
Different day, same sh*t

[Lloyd Banks]
Well, what you copping, n*gga?

[Tony Yayo]
X case, more bricks

[Lloyd Banks]
sh*t, you wind up dead-sleeping, so why turn soft?
Straight bullets'll burn a n*gga sideburns off

[Tony Yayo]
I got a model with a sick ass
Bagged her on Fifth Ave
I f*cked her all for a hot dog and a playoff Knicks pass

[50 Cent]
Now we shopping in the malls on the West Coast
And as far as pus*y

[Lloyd Banks]
.. I've been through more walls than asbestos

[Tony Yayo]
So let's toast and have a sex on the beach
These n*ggas quoting my lines like I'm Martin Luther King speech

[50 Cent]
Remember Patrice? She looked like Kelis
Met her in club [?] and caught her eyeing my piece

[Lloyd Banks]
And with all the birds at the show
I had to go and f*ck the crazy hoe
Call on Hot 97 'cause she know I'm on the radio
Crazy b*tch

[Outro: 50 Cent]
Yeah. Ja, you little, Stuart Little-looking motherf*cker. I catch you I'll break your motherf*cking neck, n*gga. The only way [?] your little pals, you little faggot. I know the styles you been f*cking too, you n*gga, I pay you the fifty thousand. Check my album out, n*gga, February 11th. [?] talk, you little b*tch. Tried to jump on us like it was a promotional stunt. Seven days before your album drop, huh? You little b*tch. Order protection. From who? From who I need to order protection from, n*gga? You little.. oh, man. You motherf*ckers, man. You n*ggas is gonna make this a lot of fun for me

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