What Ya Got On Tonight

Erik Dylan

[Verse 1]
This pretty little red head
With the cowboy boots
Dancin' to the beat of an old guitar
Lookin' at me baby like she wants to

[Verse 2]
A southern belle in a red dress
She's got her hair pulled back
And I admit that she's lookin' pretty good
There's nothin' like you
When you wear it like that

I miss you baby
It's drivin' me crazy
Oh I think about it lately
Girl I gotta have it
You're makin' me imagine
What ya got on tonight
Show me what I'm missin'
Girl I need a picture
What ya got on tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight

[Verse 3]
Sexy little red dress, rock 'n roll tank top
Nothin' but a t-shirt cause it's bed time
Hot pink knee high argyle socks
And you're still wearin' that ball cap
Top Gun, Ray Ban
Lookin' like you're gonna start on the 1980's
Tell me honey, how do I become your man

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