Somebody Else Will

Erik Dylan

[Verse 1]
Been sittin' here tippin' back Crown straight
Workin' up the nerve and the words to say
To turn those eyes and that smile my way
No time to waste
'Cause you showed up and all eyes on you
Shinin' like a diamond in a neon room
Every guy here wants to make a move
I better make a move

Somebody else will if I don't
Walk up and ask you your name right now
Offer to buy you a drink
Sit down and tell you your looks could kill
Somebody else will if I don't
Take a chance on your lips
Lean in slowly stealin' your kiss like this
Makin' your world stand still
Somebody else will
Somebody else will

[Verse 2]
Maybe you're a little bit west coast
Maybe you're a little bit down home
Either way girl I just gotta know
I just gotta know

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