Got It Good

Erik Dylan

Woke up this morning
Got hit without warning
Little sunshine bouncing off them big blue eyes
Started with pillow talking
Twisted sheets, fingers walking
Hell of a way to start the day
My oh my

Yeah this good old boy sure got it good
Seeing you smile when you kiss and your eyes
And your hips, the way you move whoah oh
I try to tell you every day like a good man should
This good old boy sure got it good

I got it good in the morning
I got it good late at night
I got a good thing going
Got it good, that's right

Turn down that kitchen light
Pop that cork, drink that wine
Right outta that bottle babe I'll spin you around
White noise record playing
Let's get it on little Marvin Gaye
In a minute or two me and you will be bedroom bound

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