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Anderson .Paak

"Draft Day Freestyle"

Check, check, one, two
Ohh, oh yeah
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

Livin' like I'm livin', tented windows on that Camino
n***as couldn't see me, triple beamer, f**k a telescope
Photos of my baby boy, I know I know to raise him tough
"Daddy why you never home?" "You'll understand when you grow up"
Papa was a crazy f**k, paper chasing, playing drums
Momma never taught me how to save, she told me double up
Wifey need a couple bucks, side piece always wanna f**k
Life ain't never easy I can see y'all n***as giving up
See y'all n***as grilling us, see yo' b*t*hes feeling us
These n***as ain't killing us, we been more than generous
Giving every single bit, taking everything we want
Time is of the essence, but don't put that stress up in blood
Now what the f**k is "good luck"? Everything I've ever done
Something out of nothing, killing everything in front us
Every n***a that ever fronted on us is throwing up
Chunking up the gold cup, y'all n***as is runners, huh
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