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Yeah, Uh

Let me tell you about a young n***a, been through it all
And let me tell you about a dumb n***a, witness his fall
Both had similar beginings, both was getting involved
But both couldn't be different how they finished it off
See to start with the first n***a, name was Raymond
Drug dealer, dope boy damn his chain was hanging
Drove a Lex, b*t*hes Hex (?) Did his thang from slanging
Plus a n***a kept his steel and his range was stainless
Move rocks from 9-1 til 2002
Vegas Nights going crazy even found him a boo
Hit the club 50 deep, was surrounded with troops
Never lacked ( ... ) (....) to you, Everything was well plotted
Planned it all in advance, got fronted his first brick
Started off with a chance, put his homeboy on, watch who you calling ya mans. Cause n***as snakes tell the jakes(?) til it fall out of his hands

Watch the jealous n***as too
Yeah the ones with greed
The ones who watched you starve
The ones you feed
The ones you always give but always need
You gotta.. cut them off and watch them bleed
And these are all wise words, these are laws of power
Never listen to the words from the jaws of cowards
Cuz these n***as tell lies that are as tall as towers
Where the weak dont eat and the small devoured

You see Raymond learned these things in the earliest stage
From ATL to New York, n***as heard of his rage
He growing mad with dollars, gucci collar, fendi , prada
n***a fall in love with designer
Blowing cash real fast, never building a savings
Start to hit a couple licks, even steal from the Haitians
Coming back on top, making bills and them payments
But its only temporary, brother killed on the pavement
Now his eyes is open, growing wiser, start to stack his bread, a soul survivor
But his karma coming bold and proper
Heres the key to the safe what he told Elijah
Remember what i said before, watch who you calling your brother
The same n***as that you trusted make you fall in the gutter
Elijah had his own plan, he wasn't a grown man, traded stocks with the enemy, robbed his own (...)?

Called Raymond, crying and pleading, couldn't believe him
Stole from his own homie, damn.. Really deceived him
But nah Raymond not mad, that n***a calm and collective
Kicked Elijah out the gang, took his charm and his necklace
See he thought Raymond was lacking, but was given a test
But he failed.. two shots and got hit in his vest
We dont tolerate the rats, we get'n rid of the pest
Had to sacrifice, the brooks life, legitimate chest
Thats how you gotta approach it, we never hide and we focus
But we posted on the block like Thompson & Bogut
See he tryna get out the game and have a early retirement
Wasted talent but he's just a product of his environment
Not to mention the tension, visits (?) is getting so tiring
Knowing he could be next, his brother's death is inspiring (?)
Time expiring, quickly gotta think of a plan
Cause feds tapping , kidnapping getting linked to his camp
n***as banging on the door, notice the blink and the lamps
They was plotting and scheming, yeah the robbers and demons
And everyday is someone thats on his property gleamin
But you know his AK is always properly beamin

Tired of living this sh*t and straight sick of this life
Plus he a grown man now, he got a kid and a wife
And had a lil rough start but now he getting it right
Signs from god overbearing, peep the flickering lights
So he saved a lump some, still collecting his royalty
Know the game is so fake and n***as they lack loyalty
In chains called the cop? more important his lawyer fees
The livestyle he living it is getting so spoiling
So he had to man up, start making his boss move
Invest in yourself cause dawg thats all you
He used to play with steel and using the raw tools
But he left the crack game and went in to law school

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