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Black Milk

"Hold it Down"

Black milk

[Verse 1]
Yea, I'm on my detroit sh*t
Navy blue baseball detroit fit
Fit with olde english d' stitch
Chain hang swing all the way down to my di*k
Had a chick got addicted to my di*k
Mouth music when I drive whip in the whip
Champagne bottles and at mist
Gettin more tips
Everytime I take more sips
While he's gettin more wild
Than the sh*t on 7 mile
Where the bullets won't miss
See me wit a dime-piece miss
On the low freak kips
With them angelina jolie lips
But theres more to life than my hoes
And clothes and what I drove in
And I know this
Should I try to get the attention
Of the teenage 106 in crowd or spit
That lyrical underground sh*t
That fans wanna hear or should I try to make more hits
Tell me what would make more sense
More hits means more chips
Back to what I was saying
I was saying its a celebration
In the makin I'm makin more wins
Y'all n*ggas lost like Clay Aikens
Lost on the television station
I'm goin for the top and all
Can't stop it
When my hands reach for the stars like a rocket
Being this good when my rappin style is normal
Like the hood with black and mild's
When I start blackin out
Black make other rappers
Not wanna let their raps come out
Yo, your small to me
I'm large on a larger screen
Like movie screens with a horror scene
I spit that cinema and no one
Similar to my cinematography
I ought be fast with the heat
What you call a sprint is a jog to me
Now break it down

I'm best that you ever found
Turn it loud
Make em move the crowd
Tell the bartender another round
I'mma show you how to hold it down

[Verse 2]
Aiyyo, the bigger they are, the harder they fall
Lord knows black is a modern day mon
Stuff when it comes to the stuff I'm on
Tell em catch up or i'll be gone
Yea rhyme takin the high rise again
And highs where the skyline begins
I, word of flow thats how the totem pole
Should be in the rap mags
Notes and quoteables
Notice that I'm over with the flow
State to state mobile like motorhomes
In the spot better get your main piece
Believe me I leave with your main squeeze
Clubs stay rock and rest know
Hands up like a bank robber says so
Guess so, guess the best flow
Next to just blow
Yep so lets go yes

I'm best that you ever found
Turn it loud
Make em move the crown
Tell the bartender another round

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