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Jesse James Solomon


[Verse 1: Jesse James]
Feels different when your hands in a mitten
How does a mute man, handle the wisdom
How does a blind man handle the vision
Even good men make a few angry decisions
Takes a mouth to apologize, but a man to forgive him
Doesn't take much to put hands on a sniffin'
Only a man understands what I'm spittin'
Youth got me cooking up plans in the kitchen
Suspect in the hands of a victim
Once you've been nicked, your in the hands of the system
Bang in a instant (Bang)
Its like, I'm so hot keep them hands at a distance
I'm trying to bang something different
Can't fist fight, see you got a mac and your pitchin'
Don you ain't a man, your a chicken
Its like spit something gang and they'll listen
Should of kept your hands on the drip, now damn fam your slippin' (slippin')
A bit of sense, guess I found what they are missing
Young man rippin' loud intowishin
Tells Stevie I don't wonder I'm about inner vision
Your favorite rapper I'm about what he isn't
Cause he says he's got the brown for the kittens
Said his dying kids would listen
When I'm older I want to be proud of what I've given
Whats the motto I'm just out here living

[Verse 2: Crave]
She don't want to f*ck
She just want to kiss me
Cause she know my kissing is intense like a gypsy
The lip sync is getting intimate
Always keep my kissing fully innocent
Cash flow back row like a [?]
Now my money rains in, Yea it pours in
Craver, if you know me I'm Corbyn
...Money in yea we ballin'
Sharp edges I know trigonometry
Truth be told I'm known for my honesty
Rap game saw me
I hope every body in the room learns to acknowledge me
Told the verse its my turn
The beat shaking in the booth
You heard a rumor from a source
Don't mistake it for the truth
I wish I could see the older me
But I'm already grown, my work rate takes me over seas
Your girl pretended not to notice me
She don't know me but she knows of me
Don't gas girls when my nose is clean
Never get cold feet, unless he froze the beat
Stunting like a virgin just to top it off
But then she's like a different person when her top is off
Heart gold, stone cold when I rock her socks
Trying to build something good but she lost the plot

[Verse 3: Jesse James]
And I ain't heard a yute who rap realer,
Back to back they rap trap insane n*ggers
And ever track is a brain hitter
Pen in my hand fam, slap on some J Dilla
Them man need a bag full of grade more punches than Cassius Clay
But them bait n*ggers
And so I stay iller
Sicker than your babes with the aids in her
Its like how do you feel when your asked about your feelings(?)
And what do you mean when you're trying to find the meaning(?)

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