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Omar Sterling (Paedae)

"Beautiful Girl - Victory Through Harmony"

Beautiful Girl - Omar Sterling
[Verse 1(Mugeez &Omar Sterling)]

Oh oh oh my beautiful girl
You one of a kind
You know you rock my world
Girl you dey blow my mind
Everyday you wake up
With no make up you soo soo fine
You make me rise and shine
Girl please be mine
My beautiful girl
You a beautiful girl
Girl you a beautiful girl
Thats why you rock my world
You a beautiful girl
You a beautiful girl
Girl you a beautiful girl
You my dimes and pearls
You a beautiful girl
(I like your body)
Chase your dreams
(Do you have a dream??)
Beautiful tell
(Tell somebody)
Life we two 've seen
(Life is to mee)
I seen a girl 16,hope darling
She said she had a trouble past
She want come clean
The street 16, she will be sweet 16
A ghetto lifestyle hid her self esteem
Its too late, she made the same mistakes
10 years later she is 26
No place to stay and was with plenty chicks
They live on cocaine and cannabis
Always high as soul plane what life is this
You are a beautiful girl
Girl girl girl


Beautiful girlll,go to schooool
Beautiful girlll,school is schoool
You got to do what you supposed to do
Success issues should be your first issues
Like I made this music my main hustle
A few years later it brought revenue
Its a beautiful world,world,world,world
Its a beautiful world,beautiful girl
Its a beautiful world,if you just try it
Its a beautiful world,girl,girl,girl
Play this music,play this music
Just play this music,please play this music
Play this music for the people
Play this music the people need it
Play this music
Ooh yes play this music(music)
Ooh yess oooh yess ooh yess ooh yess ooh yes


December 31st New Years Eve
Two in front,two at the back of the seat
Blowing them trees
Saying our new year resolution
Wanted to confess to a priest
Father,I have never killed a man but i hurt a lady
I drove her mad Mercedes
Broke her heart she has a baby
This song is for my crazy ladies
The Amas,The Aishas,The Tracys
The 80's babys
The I don't know what you into lately
Take precaution
Say not to abortion,adopting and option
Better than killing offsprings is a blessing
Even if it means money for KoKo is a daily burden
No shady lessons,I teach practice what i preach
Each and e'rhone reach for the sky if its the limit
I spit real sh*t so fairly judge me by my lyrics
Still wouldn't judge me if you knew me
Don't like girls dating girls
But who am I to judge judy?
Met pearl when i left ruby
Heard the devil is a liar in hell fire
Prior to the day the fire went helter-skelter
And burn all our dreams and all our shelter
But we never gave up
So shows later
RIP my mum is under my ozone layer
I hope you are at peace with your maker


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