Introduction lyrics


Moss, let’s go

Yow, yow
I tell the G’s to pay respect unto disabled vets
When in the place of rest
Pray in tech, pray death
Praise the chef
Main event, lobster tails, crab cones
Master hotels with glass floors
Push them out yo face and pay your net
For cocaine and step
Gold chains is wet
Slow pace for pet
Go place your bets
Lowkey finesse
Broke bandages
Translate to full magnum clips
Niga dollar’s worth the pain or no canvases
I’m Mount Rushmore
I’m where the stone faced gangstas live
That’s who I run for
Where we hold them big stacks of bricks
Stacks to flip
Bags to stiff
I’m the American dream
Speed and bags a piff
With my hand on my d**k
To even the ghost
Master likes to eat till she cold
Where them early guns to make sure
The beretta was pure
Pure but client fell
And I felt you can’t yet define hell
So be very particular to whom you try to sell
Aye yo my Johnny Blast fast full of Johnny Cash
Stacks fat as Mami’s ass
I’m stretching n***as like Pilates class
Cornerstones main ringers sorta like I’m Corleone
Positive you my son just like the Maury show
Off you go real identifier
On my streets pull me some petrifier
You call a dealer justified
I’m a triple 3, have a G, half a B
Naturally me
So in it, ‘No Limit,’ Master P
Fax killer, tax biller
My whole back guerillas
We mash up the base, we crack dealers
Them bow wow’s and fine b*t*hes
Living the life where I shine
Haters on the side no eye witness
As they should though
What’s good yo
Get a n***a Moe, some of the milk yo
I am not a rapper
I am greatness personified
My words are murder
My statement’s a homicide

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