Forever Young lyrics

Evander Griiim

[Verse 1]
All night I've been watching you
So tonight, you're leaving with me
I've been waiting my whole life to give you it all
It's on now, it's on now
I'm talking the big fancy lights
The star studded nights with me
We forever young
We forever young
We forever young

The music's loud and I'm feeling wild
Come dance along with the golden child
I don't know much but sure, let me check your fouls
Two technicals but you beautiful
You grew up 6 brothers in a cubicle
And they all bustin' for ya if I make the wrong move

If I break your heart then I'm a dumb dude
You get what you give and I'm the one who loses

But we could be together forever
But we could be together forever and ever
I wanna live life with you forever and ever
Forever young
Forever young
We forever young

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