Slatt or Sink

Evander Griiim

[Verse: Jban$2Turnt and Young Jordan]
300 dollars for the bugatti, rolls on the bike, Do-Cotti
Got 24 hoes blowin that Cali
That's me and Jordan, walkin down in Slossin
Ask J Bands a question, he won’t give it up
Baby told me she goin lick it up
I see you hatin on me in the media
Broke n***a call my phone, I ain't pickin up
Mix that Maly with the Xan
Just spent 50 on a tan
That's yo rent
In the trap, I keep f**kin up plans
All my gang savage, f**k up the Raf
Look at my stance, f**kin with Boat
Slat or sink, I’m with J Bands
I'm too high, I'm too high to here what you be sayin
I get to count that bread, I gotta count that bread
I'm so high, pass me the pill, I might take it
Hundred grand, I spend it, I might spend it on the frost on my neck
I'm a young boss, she askin my age
I don't tell young n***as my age
Ball like I play for the Paites
Ball on Ro-Daio I race
Mad at your b*t*h, she goin give it up
She just call your phone, you ain't even pick it up

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