Everybody Know Me

Evander Griiim

[Verse 1: Lil Uzi Vert]
Rolli and it's fludded, can’t even see what the time is
b*t*h, I'm in the zone, need to take a break for timing
I'm the n***a with the keys, so I look like a locksmith
He ain’t goin thro the hoop, drive through that b*t*h just like a drive stick
She from the islands, that b*t*h so tropic
Gotta be a 10, keep my side b*t*h on the Persion islands
When I f**k the hoe, get wilder than a mosh pit
All about the money, conversation, drop it
Gonna f**k me a hoe, that be for show
Glocc 9 with the poll, that be for show
Make a n***a take a toll, I take the poll
My young n***as bout to throgh yo bolls like the main hoe
Feelin like a mobster, eating all this pasta
Sometimes it be Lobster, you n***as impostors
Look at me like I'm your father
Me and your b*t*h kick it, just like soccer

[Hook: Lil Uzi Vert]
Member I was loanley, 50 bands, that's on me
Now I got every b*t*h, never loanley
Everybody know me, I say everybody know me

[Verse 2: Jban$2Turnt]
Pockets, yeah, they got 50s
Everybody know me
Keep that stick, I'm never loanley
Bankroll, no folding
Say he got it better, show me
4 G Auto Rolli, no tick tockin in my rolli
Cook it up, bend it over
Yeah, we sold D
Choppers on my homies, so you know I'm not laughin if you know me
Paranoid, I got 20,000 on me
She from the islands, not from my born place
From the land where they're screaming f**k the police
You will not Trayvon me
Pistol in my hoodie

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