ALOHA lyrics

Evander Griiim

He's heating up
Who made the beat? Charlie

[Chorus: Denzel Curry]
Women love me like Sosa
Holla at your girl like, "Aloha"
Throw that ass back, then bend over
Give a n***a brain like diploma
When a n***a hit call Jehovah
All up in the throat like Ricola
Shorty wanna ride like Winona
Now your boyfriend is a loner (Ah)

[Post-Chorus: Denzel Curry]
Loser, loser, now I'm a little bit cooler, cooler
Everything a n***a get newer, newer
People talking sh*t like manure, manure
n***a so bizarre, I'm raw, I'm rich
At first, I park my car, then park your b*t*h
And when I pop the bra, I know, it's lit
I'm like a envelope, proceed to lick

[Verse: Denzel Curry]
She gon' throw it back like a catapult (Woo)
Baby girl, you know that I'm a animal (Ooh)
I'ma eat the pu**y like a cantaloupe (Yum)
She gon' think a n***a is a cannibal (Ooh)

You sick of all these n***as, I'm the antidote (Yeah)
I'm the only n***a you can settle for (Yeah)
If you gets no love, better let it go (Yeah)
I can take you on the beach, back in Mexico (Woo)
Better yet, Honolulu, ooh, you be my baby, my boo, ooh
Auntie, yeah, be my new new, ooh, I make it do what it do, ooh That's no cap and I tell no tales
And it's coming from the mind of the man Denzel (Okay)
Ain't no limit to the man right here
You can be my girl, 'cause your man not here

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