Three Sides to a Story


[Verse 1: Joe Budden as Derrick]
My name's Derrick, I'm from Queens right there on Merrick
Raised of honesty, loyalty, good merits
Got a lil' sister and my pops just perished
And I just came home so my freedom I really cherish
Young when they bagged me, seven in the can is torture
And I just did that for manslaughter
Odds was against me, murder in the second degree
Made it less cuz I gave 'em a plea

That's the past, now a dude home tryna clean up his past
When all n***as know me for is the past
And my mind's always thinking how to pocket some cash
They know if something ever sparked it'll c*ck it and blast
Now I'm tryna live straight and get my act together
But my moms struggling, she putting scraps together
Long time ago, when I wasn't home she was cleaning my room
Cried when she found a gat in the dresser
Says no child of her's woulda had dat, never!
But with all the dirt I was doing
I felt like I had to protect her, I had to protect us
'Stead of me sellin' crack forever
She rather me in ShopRite, getting bags together

Past endeavors, won't allow me to get work
Forced me to get work

On apps they ask if you ever been to jail, like if I say yes you'll hire me

I gotta lil sister that's nine
Plus moms is chillin', wit some new dude I think she feeling
But he don't help with the bills and I'm back on the strip
So we don't go broke, I'm back to this hammer that I have to tote
Stash ya kno, I'm killin' em, only n***a on the Ave. with coke
Only man in the house, I gotta bring in cash
And those two checks a month that mom get don't last
Lil Sally's real young, she developing fast
Oh, you thinking the same thing, it's a hell of a task
Then it clicked me, plain clothes, cops came to get me
But knew that I had mine on threaten to hit me
And I moved swiftly, said they had a warrant
They knew about it all they said they had an informant

I'm back in this caged up cell
With the apes in jail, now I'm back in this eight by twelve
See I tried to live right
But society ain't made for n***as to live right

Mommy just write
Mommy make sure Sally keep her sh*t tight
And I'll be home real soon, don't cry, it's aiight

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