Dear Diary


[Intro: Sample]
It's five o'clock, I'm just getting home
Roaming on my own
What can I tell her
That she might understand?

The soundtrack to my life is like CNN first sh*t
Images like CNN but worse sh*t

I would down the whole Pinot Gris
But I'd see the group home without the Primo beats

And it hurts my soul
I'm a warrior so though the odds is against a n***a, Dirk gon' choke
Some people confide in the person that they sleep with
I've learned there's no such thing as a secret (oh)
I can't describe the feeling I get
You was riding shotgun, I was wheeling the whip
sh*t, I even let you rock out, being Bill Belichick
Tapin' from the sidelines, stealin' my sh*t

But dawg, you was like a mini me, mocked me, envied me
Turns out you was blowin' hot air, Kenny G

But you was cool, accepted you instantly
Not a groupie but you had a few tendencies
And though we share a few memories
Couple wrong turns'll turn a friend to an enemy
See, phony people like phony people
Even you could be mistaken if you phone these people
, look
When you invite the nerds to the cool table
sh*t is bound to break up like a pool table

So wack dudes'll start feeling like the sh*t
And you thinkin' it's you, it's really where you sit
Or maybe you was neglected
'Cause when you take the front down and strip a n***a naked, he's dying to be accepted (oh)
I did that, just the way you was
Now you a stranger, nothing like the way you was
But uh, you not real, you not Rachel
You not Worm, you not Dill, sh*t, you not chill
I thought you had some couth
f**k the fake sh*t, I'm really feel that you tryna screw me

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