Dumb Out lyrics


[Verse 1]
Stuck between platinum and flop, underground and mainstream
Conscious, backpack, scratch that, same thing
I'm somewhere between the real and the fakeness
The red pill, blue pill -- real and the Matrix
And I can't take this; if the game needs a new look
I'm between a tummy tuck and a face lift
And everything I say in these pages
Is straight from the heart
-- nah magazines, y'all can't rate this
Cuz I'll read the bit it's a bit outragous
Like it's an ear virus and this sh*t's contagious
I'm downloading like, "n***as actually play this?"
Maybe I'm bugging out, maybe I'm on a spaceship

See I was on my stay out jail sh*t
The way Mouse kills sh*t, I'm here just to lay out real sh*t
Besides, other dudes styles remind me of spinning rims
That sh*t got played out real quick

See some wrote him off, some said he was done
Made a joke of, hope he enjoyed the run

I don't enjoy being shunned, so I'm back as Neo
Fans enjoyed The One, annoint me has begun
I had the whole hood thinking he would never eat
Rappers tried to diss, thinking we would never meet
I heard it if you said it
You wrote it on online then I read it, now I match it, n***a -- bet it
Cause I remember clearly
Once "Pump It Up" stop soaring, there's a few motherf**kers stopped calling
See I remember sh*t spread like cancer
I would call folks, said folk ain't answer
A few chicks running started pulling they pants up
A few stopped acting like my private dancer

But a light bulb hit once they started to neglect me
See there I was, thinking I was all that sexy but I
Nah f**k that
Cause I'm still sexy, young and fly
Know-what-I-mean, ya heard?

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