The Future (MM2)


[Joe Budden]
How y'all feeling out there?
Maybe y'all ain't hear me...
I said how is everybody feeling out there!?!?
Y'all alright?
I'm feeling...
Dub B is sooo soulfulllllll
Nah mean..
This is what you call mood muzik right here..
I'm feeling....

[Chorus: sample voice]

Whoaaaaa..... that's what the future holds in me..
Don't you wanna stay

[Verse 1]
I feel like I'm ahead of my time, like I'm ahead lets rewind
I feel like I've never fell feel like I'm ahead of my prime
I feel like my feelings feel like they maybe feel intertwined
'tween incognito and shine I'm being caught in the lime
Feel like I'm stuck in a fight when the future ain't feeling bright
I put the pencil down, feeling unwanted, and go on strike
But then I'm struck by the light that ain't how you properly strike
But the ball be over the plate and they still don't call it a strike
I mean I honestly try, I feel like I try in vain
Start doing a little different sh*t always just stay the same
There's a good in every bad when there's loss I know there's gain
I appreciate the love but I'm living with all the pain
I hate when the sun is out, but love whenever it rains
And God be sending me signs like my future is preordained
My timing keep getting f**ked, then why I still haven’t came
And all I do is object but my sh*t ain't never sustained
Wonder if I keep on trying then will I finally attain
Wonder if I'll ever feel like I got nobody to blame, MAYNE!

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