Old School Mouse lyrics


You now listenin' to a different type of boss
Abstract, they cut him from a different type of cloth
Jers say that Mouse went a different type of soft
Only started when I was lookin' at different type of lofts

Told 'em, I'm a don, show me somethin' with a pool next
And I need four bathrooms, it ain't gotta be a duplex
White tee, boots yes, see 'em in a suit next
Or somethin' European shirt lookin' like a 2X
Runnin' for the ball like I'm Plaxico Burress
Or in Cancun breakin' a back on a brunette
Gimmicks down pat like they rehearse that much
I don't respond to a sublime, it ain't hurt that much
Yea I scream out Jers that much
'Cause these other dudes fightin for New York like it's worth that much
And these sitcom n***as caress and hold b*t*hes
To them they Golden Girls, to me, they old b*t*hes

Chicks lookin' to G you, cons lookin' to cheat you
Owe a n***a money, you know he lookin' to see you!
n***as lookin' to beat you
Fiends treat the hood like its Saw part two, 'cause they just lookin' for needles
I wake up grateful that I'm breathin' first
'Cause dudes'll kill you, they don't need a reason first!
These n***as'll still hit 'em
They know the hood is too poor to hire CSI, and Gil Grissom
Nowadays, gotta keep his blue steel with 'em
I know about snakes, 'cause I used to deal with 'em
Used to give my heart, used to rob, steal, with 'em
Let 'em meet mom, share my last meal with 'em
To rap now, you ain't gotta have skill with 'em
Just appeal (with 'em)...with a little rhythm
A dude has that and ready to attack y'all
You gotta kiss ass or else you get blackballed
If you don't like n***as, still give 'em dap y'all
I swear to God this hip hop sh*t is a trap y'all
I don't even remember how I used to act y'all
Something's wrong with the math, I know I can add y'all
I came out screamin' Desert Storm everyday
And soon as I stop, he don't wanna play

Stacks sayin' what you did for Clue, sh*t I just laced it
I didn't even know that dude was doin' his tape, shiiiitt
He don't want the fame no more, it's f**kin' with me
Don't hear Reasonable Doubt the same more
I can't listen to Blueprint (naaw!)
Got a resentment toward Hov', tryin' to hate on 'em, throwin' in my two cent

They say don't bite the hand that feeds you
Even if I wanted to, I can't, no teeth to

Don't get me wrong, still I love Clue and Hov'
But they both rich, so what that gotta do with Joe?!
I gotta bring home food for Joe...Trey that is...
Like, f**k why I say that sh*t?!
C4 why you take that sh*t?
But it's just how I feel, so naw, don't erase that sh*t

Child support's a b*t*h, but I take care of mine
But the law just say that I ain't there for mine
And the judge I look at (what about?)
Don't wanna hear, nor do he understand that things got pushed back
I'm sittin' here with all this anger, stop me
He's like what about this thing called a Gangsta Party?
Must think I live life like it's a Gangsta Party!
I'm 10 seconds away from a GANGSTA ROBBERY, n***A!!
No four leaf clover, I can't luck up
Feel like removin' the seeds and gettin' f**ked up
Feelin' quick temper, somebody bound to get f**ked up
I feel like everyone around me's a f**k UP!
Ratchet on me, I'm screamin' out "what what!"
'Bout to live life like my last buck's up
I ain't got time to run around stuck up
Not when I just seen a group of n***as gettin' stuck up
So you damn right, I'm on my grind
Look like some sh*t is on my mind, n***as
Need to talk, but nobody to turn to
So I go to horoscopes in the Jersey Journal
It's always somethin' bad, I don't know why I read it
Then I play it off, it's fake, I don't believe it!
Smokin' like two packs a day
Still got about five cartons stashed away
And that's just were I'm at today
I'll be in a better place if I just passed away (sike!)
Just hop in the casket and lay
That's old school Mouse, move on, put the past away

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