[DJ On Point] The name of this sh*t right here is called Stained

[Sample- Staind: Outside]
I'm on the outside and I'm looking in
I can see through you, see your true colours
Inside you're ugly, ugly like me
I can see through you, see through the real you

[Joe Budden]
Lemme talk to them real quick
It's, it's, it's what? It's that On Top music

n***as said the only cat I cared about is myself
When sh*t's thick, don't nobody's whereabouts but myself
When you're faced with it all and your back's against the wall
You'll be listenin' but all you hear about is yourself
Tell me what you supposed to do when yourself ain't reliable
You're lookin' in the mirror but yourself ain't desirable
Need another n***a besides yourself on the side of you
Can't listen to yourself, all he do is lie to you
Now tell me who's supposed to have your best intrest
When sh*t ain't lookin' up, you start havin' less intrest
Tryin' to leave the hood but the slugs keep commin'
Keep chasin' the buck but the buck keep runnin'
I don't trust nobody, I don't love nobody
I don't f**k with nobody but me, I can't lose
No moves'll be funny and I never let myself down
How so? I don't expect too much from me

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