Send Him Our Love lyrics


[Intro: Stack Bundles]
Listen, if you listen to this it's evidence you tryin to figure out if I'm due
Or maybe somebody told you I'm that dude
Or maybe you one of the few that disagree with me
And got your own views about who's really that dude
Well, the South movement got ten months left
And come Valentine's Day the game will merge to the West
And I feel it's absurd that the East is the sellin the less
Screamin 'New York. New York', the pioneers supposed to be the best

You blame it on the vets for our current state of the game
They won't retire, so the generation just remain the same

A bunch of opportunists that was given opportunity
To make a difference in music but gave no opportunity
Nothing new or fresh, it's just the same ass sound
Same old producers, with the same ass sound
Up and coming artists got identity crisis
Cause whenever you you, the labels turn you away
But when you me you think of a way
To cast the criticism aside, get on a track, say what the f**k you wanna say
The radio's goin to play, whatever the listeners say they should
And not what the listeners say they should, indeeed they should
Indeed I should, SMACK a few n***as like Suge!
But then there they'll blackball me
And that's a long story, no crossover so I wrote the Crossover
But if the album sell out, I'd be considered a sellout
The fans keep asking, 'When's the album going to come out?'
Ask your local execs, I'm out

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