Still My Hood


[Intro - Joe Budden - talking]
See like
People can't relate to it, don't understand it
Cause they ain't never been there, they ain't from there
I understand it

[DJ On Point - talking over last line of Intro] (*echo*)
As we wrap this sh*t up
We call this one +Still My Hood+

[Verse 1 - Joe Budden]
Even though they hate 'em (oh), even though when a n***a try to make a come up
(It's a), it's another n***a waitin just to run up
Though they sellin rocks for shorts
And every night around twelve you hear them shots go off (talk to 'em)
And know n***as is rats, some boys is wired
And the food in the supermarket's all expired (whoa)
Every block's a liquor store, an abandoned building
Drunk parents at the liquor store abandonin children (let's go)
Though the sky seems gray, we'll get through the weather
And even though they fill our grade schools with metal detectors
Some cops is crooked and police indecent
And you can catch a body up the street from the precinct
Though we got a lot of sh*t wrong, a lot of sh*t goin on
Gotta love it, this the place I was born, so I sit here dedicatin this song
This is still my hood

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