Ghetto America (Snippet)


Turn [?] a little bit C4 (Come on)

No, I ain't the type to be toyed with, played with
Or played like, "Nah, not at all my man"
[?] me and all my fam
With them M16's and them 4's in hand
And if it's against me, abort that plan, it's like
Just when you thought he wasn't lookin', I saw that man
Turn into Jigsaw, I might saw that man
Then somebody might snitch like, "I saw that man"
Turn my jam up loud for the man of the hour
Fans [?] Hampton and [?]
Nah, never ran, not a coward
Keep a gun by me, I learnt that from Cam up in [?]
"Fam, you want grams of that powder?"
Some dirty dudes with me like they ain't big fans of the shower
Me? I let the mouths of [?]
And hire your house out like I'm Angela [?]

Ghetto America, lend me your ear
Got some things that I need you to hear
And it go like: Money, cars, hoes, guns that pop loud
Those the only things us ghetto n***as about
Now Jersey (Come on) Queens n***as (Come on)
Brooklyn (Ow!) Harlem (Come on)
Ladies get naked, n***as can get [?]
Know I'ma be ghetto till I die, tell 'em why

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