Long Way to Go lyrics


[Intro - Joe Budden - talking]
Ya mean? (my n***as, uh)
Uh, talk to 'em

[Hook - Mr. Probz - w/ ad libs]
Feet are tired and the pain shows
It's such a long way to go now, such a long way to go
Gotta be strong by myself now, such a long road
My soul's so cold, weak in all my bones
But I gotta work hard just to reach my goals
Such a long way to go, so many miles left but I'm here now, yeah

[Verse 1: Joe Budden]
Yo, yo, please Lord somethin gotta give (dog)
They say for every negative, there's a positive (dog)
But I ain't positive, for every buck deposited (dog)
We still in the hood, livin like hostages and never mind colleges
School of Hard Knocks scholarship, dealin with politics

I would just sell success in the store, if I could bottle it
But, I ain't a millionaire, won't see me in Forbes son
Life is like a (Beach Chair), when you can afford one (oh!)

Ruger loaded, just in case the war come
Might as well, everything is comin to the forefront
Need a clear head just to think
And f**k a (Drink N My 2 Step) n***a, I'm two steps from a drink
The pressure either bust pipes or it make diamonds
No matter how high up the mountain, I stay climbin

Freedom I keep chancin (oh)
So if I fall like Beyonce, I just get back up and keep dancin

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