No One But Me lyrics



Low head, High Step
I believe in what I'm doing
But they ain't convinced yet, nah
I been low, I been down
But ain't no one but me
Gonna turn my life around, yeah

Only you can turn your life around, yeah
Only you can turn your life

(Mick Jenkins Verse 1)

And I would never give that man no fish
Teach a n***a how to catch his own
Roll a joint or we can match a zone
Hooked to the style like the jackets
I got Velcro patches on
They gonna try to rip me off
n***as barely even on
n***as barely went to prom
They still tryin to send me off
Nurse is tryin to send me home
She seen one too many coughs
They'll hit you with the breaks
Like a condom
Its unexpected
Its easy to get your consciousness
Pregnant with negatives
Watch and fake the confidence
Fishing for empty compliments
They just play kind to it
They don't see the consequences
Sleeping on the fact
That we built this nation from nothing
From cotton - that's too much genius
Can't stop it, that's on my soul -
Feeding what impress us
To include a soul
Accept it
Just the presence is a blessing
And they already know


(Izzy Strange Verse 2 )

Demons sitting on my chest
My body's in paralysis
Pressures pushing me to depths
I ain't ever know exist
I'm just tryin to catch my breath
All the candles blown
Can't make another wish
All my problems I will own
And watch these walls break another fist
Whatevers falling first
I've been picking up the pieces
So I guess I'm well rehearsed
Well reserved
Put it in reverse
Make sure I kill it worse
Shotgun was the word
When i'm rolling in the hearse
I just want to make it to the other side of the moon
Other side of the fence, other side of the crack spoon
Are we making rent? making due? making friends?
Making true to who I want to be in the end?
How much time you got to spend?
I'll be here forever
Even after they kill the trend
Even after they fill us in
Happily ever after, my friend
Every after math re-begins
Tell me where you been?
I been calling on a bunch of ghosts
Well, whoopee
There's gold south of the burgh
So book me
You might not see the path
But you'll see where it took me
Never did the math
Too busy playing hooky
Been trying to throw me off
But still ain't ever shook me
Hit the mic without a cough
You ain't playing with a rookie
Or reg bushy
One tough cookie
Just keep pushing
Like beat pu**y
Each lesson is a blessing
But you already know


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