Hungry lyrics


I'm Hungry
So Hungry

You Hungry?
I'm Hungry
Who's Hungry?
We Hungry
Ain't nothing really funny about it
I got a rumble in my tummy and I'm growling

I'm hungry
You hungry?
Who's hungry?
Ain't nothing really funny about it
Got a rumble in my tummy and I'm growling
I'm hungry

[Terminal Knowledge]
Hear the sound of my tummy?
Yeah, it's something like a lion's roar
f**k that, something like a dinosaur
f**k that, something like a giant storm
With a lightning strike and the skies are torn
Sip the potion, liquid doses
The high is stored in his spinal cord
But he didn't notice
These mixed emotions are his driving force

I could eat a horse
Get a three course meal then I seek a fourth one to sink a fork in
So be warned, I don't feel remorse, I just reinforce it

[Rebel Legato]
I need my steak
Potatoes baked
Plates for the fam, middle finger to the fakes
Hell naw, it's not your birthday
But we eating cake
Picking them locks through the mutherf**king front gates

[Will is Chillin]
I'll be happy with some nachos, a hot dog
Cutting all my hours so I barely even got a job
Jot down a hungry-ass verse
Seems I got a lot of songs since I finished college first
Got a steady 9 to 5, 401k and all that sh*t
I've been sober all day, can't stand this
Wrote about 40 songs in the past 3 months
Still 300 dollar dish-washing checks cashed in the chase

[Will is Chillin and Term]
I'm hungry
I'm hungry
I'm hungry

[Terminal Knowledge]
So hungry
Feel like jumping, no bungee
What in tarnation?
I'm hungry
f**king starvation
Palmer Squares, save money as well
Talking heads stay hungry as hell
Off their meds and under a spell
I roll another L with the squadron, I'm growling
I'm hungry

I'm a hungry motherf**ker my stomach is growling
Ain't nothing to a villain about studying in college
Loose change swishes free, a couple crumbs in my pocket
Play a show for free? Me? Motherf**ker I doubt it
Bring a ho around man, if she 'bout it she 'bout it
Man I hope that ass ripe like the first of the harvest
Imma eat that ass up, motherf**ker I'm starving
Turn a fat ass rapper to cadaver or carcass

[Bruce Bayne]
I had a type of appetite but never had an itis
I be pulling all nighters
I be pulling all types of sh*t
Pull-try, Pulled pork, pull a knife and sh*t
At the dinner table, try and leave
Gotta a n***a over here dry heaving

[Terminal Knowledge]
And I'm freezing, cold, TV dinner
Palmer Squares we be Finna

[Rebel Legato]
I been hungry n***a, no games
Cooking propane, spitting rap flames
Grilling little n***as like t-bone steak
Ho's down, who in first place?
My n***as stankface
Been a menace since I shown face
Got a piece of pie moving on up make the money levitate
Ain't no starving a martian
No hunger the darkness
Leave a trail of bees leading to the carcass
The life of the artist, smooth with the pen
So to eat was the hard sh*t
I feel like Galactus
Hunger for the world but I'm feinding for an actress
Trying to make the pu**y backflip
Gymnastics, nasty
Put a bib on before I eat cause she classy
I'm hungry, she want me
Told her she the best if she do it for the homies
Cause she eat the whole swim team
I'm a wildabeast
You know me

The porridge is mine
I'm taking my time
Cause I wanted bear skin rugs since nine

Cavernous cabinets
I'm radically ravenous
Asking for half of your sandwich
Imagine a savage
That'll ravage the campus and ramble vocabular magic
It's feast or famine and I'm feeling famished
Got to feed the fam and that's a feat to manage

[Terminal Knowledge]
And I've been wreaking havoc
When your teams' stealing peeps at rabbits from the easter basket

[Will is Chillin]
Where the money at? Where the money at?
Every song you hear of mine should be considered hungry raps
Living at the bottom the powers that be stuck me at
Never been a lucky one, looking for a chunk of that
Devil's pie, done with being set aside
Flow colder then the city that my set resides
The Chi
I'm Logan North West like Kanye's baby
But my ego's been starving daily

And I'll eat your eyes and insides
But your fingertips stuffed inside of my pies, oh my
I'm so Chi, oh my you might die
Homie you don't want to see the size of my knife
I'll cut you into pieces and put you into my fridge
Ice truck killers, pigging out on your ribs
Eat your thigh with a side of some bar-b-q chips
It ain't enough though, I'm still hungry as sh*t

I'll be at Arby's if you need me
Or eating a beef at Hardees
Feed me, rap game Squeak Scolari
Been defeating armies at the pizza parties
The cannibalistic, fan of linguistics
A mere man with some animal instincts
Handle my biz, cash hand over fist
Swing a Battle-axe, don't bat a lash or you'll miss this


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