Bunk lyrics


How the f**k I let them sell me some bunk sh*t?

That look like bunk sh*t
That look like bunk sh*t
How the f**k I let 'em sell me some bunk sh*t
That look like bunk sh*t, I wouldn't touch it
That do no justice

[Verse 1: Bruce Bayne]

Getting head like lettuce
'Cuz I'm getting lettuce, Hmm, how poetic
Sin like medi-cine, sin symbolic
Off them anesthetics, spin like a cowlick
This is signed product with a carpenter pin
Through your fiber optics, that's my prerogative
Tend to use an AK when sh*t chaotic
Turn an anatomical model of human bodies
No anabolic, been bodied by the flaws like creatine
Created water, throw 'em in it, then I increase the speed
Creasing n***as like jeans, panting like a dog
Planet of the apex, I take the sex raw
City full of kings with it all so so savage
Cut the coke habit, flow go go gadget
Causing a cata-strophe and I strive for the very best
Terror threats verified, wear a vest
Swear I kept secrets very bottled
Like a f**kin truth serum is
In due time like a mountain or sierra mist
She a brick house, like a pyramid
She on her period, I'm in her mouth like a spearmint
And my spear meant to stab you in the heart
Put you in the cart, wrap you in a tarp
Rappers need to start realizing we gargantuan
Get intense regardless of what camp you in


[Verse 2: Will Is Chillin']

My favorite color's green
And my other favorite's blue
I don't even have to try when every other sentence
Make you question your profession, guessing rap is not for you like
b*t*h, that was reggie
Put a playing card on the wheel of my ten speed
I'm a badass, don't tempt me. (Yo I'm just kidding')
Hella stressed though, giving me a tense flow
Teethmarks all over my pencil
Spit a dope six and don't know how the rest go
Don't know how the rest go like

That look like bunk sh*t
That look like bunk sh*t
How the f**k I let them sell me some bunk sh*t

[Verse 3: Ac*mental]
sh*t is bunk like stacking up the beds (sh*t is bunk!)
Bought a bag last week and it was weak
So if you see my drug dealer, smack him in the head
Holler at your boy, wiling out up in Chicago, Illinois
I'm slick with a quote, quick with a quip
Get a grip like a pistol equipped with a clip
My clique'll eclipse yours lickety split
Got a spliff and a lit torch, licking my lips
Ac reap what he sow, reach for the sky
Fell asleep in the snow then sneezed on the pile
My team finna go from deep in the cove
To the peak of the globe in the blink of an eye
You can read what I wrote (b*t*h)
But the beat and the flow finna keep me afloat
I'm a deviant so, somebody feed me a roll
(Are you feeling it?) No

[Verse 4: Rebel Legato]
Look, this n***a sold me some mid grade
I knew the difference since tenth grade
Ten speed riding Arizona sipping, sliding
Any b*t*h feeling this vibe sh*t
Dilated eyes while I finger them privates
Turn into a lycan I'll tell you how the pie tastes
A Pisces, water dripping, sipping Poseidon
Might be a knife in the gut, might die
Pay the price if a n***a think they 'bout that life
Who the f**k got the ice man, I'm too cold for life

(That do no justice)

[Verse 5: Terminal Knowledge]
I'm certain we're only violent 'cuz of Bugs Bunny
Turning our allowance into drug money
This is dedicated to the kids who never made it
The prescription medicated generation getting faded
Rip a page out of history, living as slaves to the system
f**k justice, just finna puff my piff
Term spit with a firm grip on his d**k
Middle finger up like b*t*h, like (b*t*h)

[Verse 6: Loudmouth]
I be on top of this
Stankface be rap game apocalypse
Beamer I hop in it, shirt from the thrift, b*t*h I'm rocking it
Hollow tip all of your politics (PLAH!)
Wah wah, pu**y ass rappers, y'all foo-foo
Stank face clique, we the motherf**king doo doo
Stepped off the stool, cut the motherf**king noose loose
Twelve gauge pump, hunting ducks, sipping goose juice (true..)
And who the f**k tryna step up?
Don't flex, bruh, you could lose a pint of ketchup
Been telling y'all, since nine been masked up
Thirty round mag, bout to light your f**king ass up biiiiiitch!


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