Be This High lyrics


Oh me, oh my
Be this high
I, I be this high
Uh, be this high
But you never thought that you could ever be this high
Be this high
Be this high
On the scenic side of the region
Far overseas this time of the season
Climb through the grease and the grime to achieve it

[Verse 1: Ac*mental]
Heads up
You ain't never seen the likes of a king this nice
Jesus Christ
We just might be the reason why you believe in flight
Filas, Nikes or Adidas stripes
Got the cheetah print on my wingtips lined with sheepskin
That's how it be sometimes
Wanna read my thoughts?
Better reach inside the indecent mind of a heathen
Crime never sleeps so neither do I
Feeling the vibe
Rise of the phoenix
Slice me a deep dish piece of the pie, that's right
I'm sleek I'm sly I slip and slide
And keep it Chi with civic pride
It's hide and seek
We equalize fatigue with sequent sleepless nights
Rolling vegas in the motorcade with all the homies hangin'
Make no mistake
These noteworthy home invaders been evading the nosy neighbors, oh
I got party supplies and a carton of parliament lights in the car
Startling heights
Disregard the advice of a charlatan right from the start
I'm Pryor and Carlin combined with a sharper design for the afterlife
Tryna garner a dime for my rap tonight
So the stars might align when I grab the mic
And if we talking 'bout minds I'm out mine
So in my downtime I reside on cloud nine
I be this high, low-key, no lie
Give a keynote speech for the people


[Verse 2: Terminal Knowledge]
Look y'all
They throw the word "artist" around like a football
I feel bizarre in a crowd like a car full of clowns
Finna bark like a hound dog
Need to get me some moolah too
Flip another zippity-doo-da
Sipping the brouhaha
Rude boy lit from the Buddha
Ooh-la two clods locked in the cuckoo's nest
Deuce deuce pressed to my temple
Lead through the cranium
Put an end to the megalomania
Footprints led us to Mesopotamia
Headwind, don't even try to avoid it
Destined to be a fly in the ointment
Life is pointless
Biding my time
Silence the voices inside of my mind
Quiet the noise
Blind to the lies
Chi till I die of a violent crime
Summer of love
My tummy is rumbling
Hungry for some of that pie in the sky
System remorseless listen to this
I'm a source of infinite wisdom
Kick it with your b*t*h
Twist up a swish
Licking her lips and hitting the skins
Promiscuous whim in a risky business
So sick and twisted been living in sin
Witness a nitwit p*ss in the wind
Whiskey d**k and a sh*t-eating grin
Then I split the cigar
Spark up the reefer
Keen to disregard your beliefs
I'm going to hell
Starving for beef
Only thing I ever felt in my heart was a beat


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