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AM (410)

"HB Freestyle"

[Intro: Joey Clipstar]
Joey Clipstar, HB Freestyles
Now we've got some UK rap-drill legends right now still
Felt this should've happened from long time man, nothing before its time
We've got AM and Skengdo, HB Freestyles, Joey Clipstar
I don't even wanna say too much, I'm just gonna let the music do the talking, so let's get into it

[Verse 1: Skengdo]
Better mind what I say, cah PC Bart's gonna watch this
Jumping around when the shh pull up, hella man doing up mosh pit
The ting that's long and black, no, I ain't talking 'bout my di*k
Doing up road with AM and we ain't concerned 'bout mileage
b*tch give me blows at half past 8, she don't even know what the time is
This b*tch here just get on her knees, no teeth cah she know I don't like it
How you gonna dish out verbal and you're never anywhere to be finded
Oh sh*t, I mean found, and word I'll never rate any of the typing
The 15 stiff like a boner, running your lips get dipped in your shoulder
Youngen or older, man won't tolerate that, man call up a soldier
You're better off running away, he was too scared so a man just froze up
sh*t, bro's just chinging this guy, I think he's gone and lost his composure
Outside's way too hot, man'll get splashed by the super soaker
Skengdo be full of tricks, it's kind of peak if I do not know ya
Talk is cheap, how many times did the silly joker been bored up?
Believe me I can move cold but some of my bros they do move colder
Slap on the leathers, see it kicks, I ain't talking 'bout Tekken
See your girl, she's onto a n*gga, I might have to show her tekkers
It's jokes when you see a man leaving his best friend, don't be leaving your best friend
But dargs ain't down for the cause, you're stressing, I love my ends, that's the best ends
Little man thought he was worksy, ayy, ayy
Oh my god, you must be buzzing, on my life
Do man now real proper then go, and get high
Any vio, can't sleep on that, I must slide
Mans got sweets all flying at them, man watch it fly out the wrapper
Drill man up, what's the talking about? Everyone loves that chatter
4 door whizz come skrring, bare flash like we brought our camera
Suttin'll sit in the bag, I don't come with the gifts like Santa

[Verse 2: AM]
The cats don't call me Ace, they call me bud or they call me pie
I done got nicked with a hunting knife, but the grind don't stop cah we're hunting guys
Lost his breath tryna run from I, no RAC when I puncture guys
Not Cardi B, that was Cardi-O, adrenaline rush when I clutch that knife
The melanin f*ck off and left my eyes, irrelevant if he was black or white
If anything that never crossed my mind, it's better if man doesn't cross that line
Uh, I and I, only you could've saved me, why? Cah the stupid feds tryna take my life
Had the whole of them neighbours frightened when we came 'round, they was running inside
Ever seen a man in sliders doing up Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
You don't want ching like Asian guys
Tryna get bread, start billing up lines, you don't get paid for drilling up guys
Never been the type to spin it on rides, more like spot that, fish it on sight
But we ain't gonna talk 'bout old school drillings, leave that sh*t in the past
And times I was feeling like Ferdi, straight dirty, it was coming in fast
And me, GD done the peakest mileage way before I had my car
Any time feds wanna stress my arse, man bill a fat head like PC Bart
I don't even smoke no more so evidently I'm wasting bud
President T, there's only one, me, back it out and get jumpy
Now I'm calling it Caesar, tre cost me a monkey, GSR on my beater, from my test it in country
Panini, should've been a burger, how you on the run with the worker? How you on the run with the worker?
Of Mice and Men, Curly's wife tryna touch my leng
21 years been out on the 10, got feds on me like cats on pebs

[Outro: Joey Clipstar]
Fumez The Engineer
Told you, it's a mad one
Joey Clipstar, HB Freestyles, AM and Skengdo
Who should we get next? Drop it in the comments
But until then, we're gone

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