Line of Fire lyrics


[Verse 1: Juvenile]

As far as I can remember, whodie, dude was a clown
But he still used to be in on everything that went down
Hooked me up for 250 a pound
sh*t I figured I could make a fire come-up serving 60 an ounce
It was that poo though, and I wasn’t about getting played
From a couple of dreads probably in with the feds, he said
“We didn’t come here to accept no loss
Me selling it to you wholesale at minimum cost”
Look dread, I’ve been around a long time
And you ain’t gon sell me no anything, I’m on mine
They answered with guns instead of with tongues
They hit lil daddy up twice, once in both of his lungs. sh*t
We buss back, them n***as still got hit
f**kin’ with some new Jamaicans in the bricks, who look like a snitch
So I played as though I wasn’t there
I took a crucial lick in the pocket, but I didn’t care, I was……

(Hook: Trey Songz)
Living in the Line of Fire
Living in the Line of Fire
Living in the Line of Fire
Living in the Line of Fire

[Verse 2: Juvenile]

All the sh*t that I done been through in the past few years
I think the Lord that I’m still breathing, and I’m still here
I’m glad I wasn’t drinking when I had that fight
Cause lil daddy would’ve probably lost his life that night
I’m a rapper, but I’m a man too
And I’m not trying to f**k over you whodie, I’m trying to understand you
There’s only so much I can handle
You shouldn’t never tried to use a n***a as an example
On top of that my people stole from me
And I was hooking them up, about to take them on the road with me
I tightened my circle with limited trust
Can’t no outsiders come take a trip with me on a bus
I’m not concerned about you keeping in touch
My only hollers when I’m seeing you bruh, that the G in me bruh
I said and mean it, look n***a I’m working
I got something for you b*t*hes, yeah I see yall searching. Holla...


Verse 3:
n***a trying to take me to court for stealing
Plus can’t find another way to approach a million
It was funny til they subpoenaed me to be the opposed
These n***as ain’t positive, these is hoes
You better watch them fellas, them cats is thieves
They stole one of Michael Jackson’s songs with ease
Still I wasn’t trippin, I won that case
Now the right muthaf**kin smile is on my face
And I teach my n***as how to hold they ground
A 38’s an A.K. when the sh*t goes down
Dead n***a can’t tell me how the sh*t gon sound
We could quickly turn it into a complete ghost town, what?
It’s not about me having a war
It’s about me not obeying the law
But what’s right? I feel right is when my children is fed
And they got a roof over they head, n***a enough said


Whoo Whoo.. I’m living…..
Living in the line…. (Repeat)

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