Bounce Back lyrics


[Hook: Juvenile]
I'm about to bounce back b-bounce bounce back
I'm about to bounce back b-bounce bounce back
Bounce back bounce back b-bounce back
I'm about to bounce back bounce b-bounce back
Bounce back bounce back b-bounce back
I'm about to bounce back b-bounce bounce back
Bounce back bounce back b-bounce back
I'm about bounce back bounce b-bounce back

[Verse 1: Juvenile]
You ever had corns on your fingers from squeezing the mack to much
n***a be rhyming the dice game where me and lil wack grew up
Tripping stolen strip cars for a living
Stayed away from home when ever they was b*t*hin
We used to rush the customers for sales when they pull up in cars
Until undercovers started putting us behind bars
Menace to society is all we watch
In the back seat straped with the throw away Glocks
I got some partners in the business never seeing the light
Your people would got ya Cochran if your cheese be right
You know I've been holding it down playa you a dog
I'm a real n***a I ain't gonna stop accepting your phone call
I'm a blow and toss a ho for you, like I'm supposed to do
I'm serious and focused too, you know I'm overdue
The first n***a to park a Rolls Royce in the bricks
While I fly private jet out of town by a b*t*h


[Verse 2: Juvenile]
Tryin to be here to see my seeds, when they have they seeds
Long as I breathe ain't nothin in this world that they can't be
Yeah I done f**ked up, slipped and sniffed that coke
Started tweakin and broke in them people house next do'
Shot a n***a for smokin rocks on my mom back porch
Damn near graduated and got on that dope
My, work is an art, I am better than smart
Homey I hustle with a strategy that's never been taught
I can make the coke flip, I can make a ho strip, I can spray the whole clip
I take nothing from no b*t*h
I got the money in the case, 45 in the waist
Pitbulls in the yard so stay away from my gate
Could you believe a n***a feelin like he still ain't ate?
Huh, y'all don't understand you shoulda seen my plate
Would love to give you some credit, but even you said it
Be serious about your money and right now I'm tryin to get it


[Verse 3: Baby]
I'm on a mission lil' daddy
Put this paint on the caddy
n***a ridin threw the hood and we blowing on candy
Stay G'd up from my head to my feet
I was raised in the 3rd that's the heart of the streets
Saw death and crime for the first same time
Them rims on shine just a vision of mine
Put this sh*t back together cause I stay on the grind
n***a know I gets me I stunt all the time
For the dead and the gone, the young and the grown
O.G. mother f**kers who be getting it on
n***as stunting and they shining bling blingin all the timin
I hold my hood down for the sh*t that I'm driving
n***a thug to death, remember the projects
Juve came back now you b*t*hes upset
n***a know how we getting it cause we getting it on
Keep it coming, keep it getting, b*t*h my money is long


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