Black Bottle Affair lyrics


The eyes can't hide it, yeah she excited
Live's a lifer in front of her and she down to try it
Passenger seat, she so pretty watchin' me drivin'
Mesmerizin' these bad ones, my past time
And high sidin' on these haters, tell 'em don't try it
Trophy received for my weed I wanna smoke Heisman
Andretti OG, your dispensary need them P's
So they callin' me, we got the business out in SD
Now who rap about it and who really got it? Let's see
This the dialogue of pilots homie, this that fly speak
Purple camouflage bases, my fly sneaks high price
Your money short, you can't reach
She want boss conversation only, so you can't speak it
Finna take away your caine, see
This something that you can't be
Round the world sprinklin' capital G-A-M-E
My uncle Slam gave me, now may he rest in peace
May he rest in peace

G's make the world go 'round
Money make your girl go
G's make the world go 'round
Free C-Style
We gon' let that money pile in the meanwhile
It'll go down with my rap touchdown

Shout out to the homie Rozay for wearin' that motherf**king Jet Life chain everywhere he go to
We definitely see it

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