Bape McFlurry lyrics

K. Swisha

Gold roadsters, Porsche Roadster, Rolex Daytona
Went to school with one rolled up
Folder my first rhymes got wrote in
And the clothing feel like I'm appropiate
Going to the US Open
My jewelry froze
And every piece that I got, got diamonds on 'em
Skrrt, skrrt
She heard
Heart beating through her t shirt
They think I'm bout to speak
But I'm pretendin' to not see her
Cause b*t*h you last week
You took a selfie in my Rolls
Ho, that was mad weak
Now when I ride you cain't roll
I got a bag today
Dumped on the rollin' tray
A quarter pound of grade-A
Countin' stuffers all on the way
Pick the bags up
Drop the bags off
That's all day
Living out my raps cous-o
I really push rhymes like weight
Been around like Bape
Suckers try to duplicate
What you know about collaborations dawg
I'm talkin' original or fake
Baby Milo t-shirt
Unkle Dunks, you don't want no funk
Storage my Louis Vutton trunk
I can pop tags the next 12 months
Get to my pool, I rolled a joint
I told Lil Wayne to pull up
He played sk8 against Stevie Williams
I think they bet like a million somethin'
Big cake, big knife
It's like, dog, we eatin' off big plates
Buyin' Ferraris and tourin' off these mixtapes

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