Cheese Cake lyrics


My money running longer than the O.J. chase
Yeah, I turned your feature down
'Cause I don't do songs with fakes
Smoking reefer, ridin' 'round in Marley's Z-28
That's my lil' dawg
He let me floss in this sh*t for a couple days
I got my own myself, but see it need fresh paint
Perfection take time so a n***a gotta wait
They say "Spitta you a living legend
Ah, man, thanks."
Smoke a fattie at my breakfast and I got back to the bank
Roll, rolled up in the Rolls Royce full of pre-rolls
And the Belaire Rose, bumpin' the G Code
Corduroy, house shoes and the beach robe
'Bout to eat, save room for dessert and industry beats, though
I got more money than the next
But you will never know, 'cause I be chillin' with it
But when the time right, we shine right
My city never seen so many clean lowriders in they whole life
Whatever you want we got it outside
We light up the night
Candy coated charriots floatin', sunroofs open
Classic rhyme quotin', gas is all we smoke here
Only team gon' be around when all the smoke clear
Bad boy we ain't goin' nowhere
I was inside watchin' Making the Band
Wyclef Jean
Tryna give the game, Dylan from Making the Band
Day dreaming about the day that I get on
And now I'm finally the don
East Side

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