Ballin’ Starvin’ lyrics


[Intro: Curren$y]
Eating but I'm starving like a starving
Hey hey hey
Eating but I'm hustling like a starving artist
East side
Jet Life
Fo'20 Massacre
Did it all in a day

[Verse: Curren$y]
Armored cars 'cause the whole world is ours
Family bill paid collecting my cards with these bars
Feeling like Boston George
With my seven car garage

Spent half my life in an airport
Smoking, healing my emotional scars
XXL my only physical award
I dropped the EP of the year with my dog Harry Fraud
I did it in a day
That's how you make a play
The Fo'20 Massacre happened the same way
These beats get slain
But love is shown the whole way
I pulled up in a Wraith and I parked it
Slid in my Ferrari, started it
Working but its looking like we're partying
Eating but I'm hustling like a starving artist is
I ain't always had that paper but I been real
Show you how to ball without a record deal
Independently I hustle bought a Bentley deal
A major player still ride Chevy still
Rubber bands around a hundred hundred dollar bills
Rims look like kids doing cartwheels
And I'll give it all away 'cause my heart big

[Outro: Curren$y]
Fo'20 Massacre
For you to smoke to
Till we drop that
Full length
Feature film, The Motion Picture Soundtrack
This oughta hold you
n***a you have been sleeping
You would have been sleeping
For the cake and ice cream
Rubbing your stomach on (?)

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